Colorado Anchored Dentures

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In your quest for the right dentist and dentures, you may come across terms that are difficult to wrap your mind around. As soon as you think you’ve got it, another slightly different option comes up and claims to be the newest and best thing!

This can be so frustrating, especially when you’re trying to be self-reliant. Can’t someone just explain it all in basic terms? The answer is YES!

Where do I even start?  

At NuSet, one of our main goals is to ensure you feel confident about your dental treatment plan. That’s why we start with a free consultation; this helps us determine what options make sense for your specific medical and financial situation.

Unfortunately, many clinics have just one treatment option, as their staff is only practiced at one type of procedure. However, that might not be the right one for you!

At your consultation, we will review all the options for treatment, not just taking into account the results of your CT Scan, but considering how your teeth fit into the life you dream about. Once we know the road ahead, it’s so much easier to figure out how to get there.


What are Anchored Dentures? 

One of the options that you may have heard of is anchored dentures; these are fixed dentures which are supported by implants. This is a shift away from traditional dentures, which rest directly on your gums and need to be removed and cleaned frequently. Anchored dentures function much more like regular teeth than traditional dentures do.

Because anchored dentures are supported by posts, dental adhesive isn’t in the picture. In addition, it means your teeth won’t be shifting around, which helps avoid sore spots, gagging, and general discomfort.

Because anchored dentures aren’t stuck to the roof of your mouth like traditional dentures, they will also prioritize those tasty meals yet ahead of you. As a whole, anchored dentures will also leave you more confident, as you’ll feel sure your teeth won’t come loose when you are talking or eating.


Are there different types of Anchored Dentures? 

In Colorado, you will often find that anchored dentures are secured through an All On 4 treatment approach. This means four posts will be surgically inserted, providing a solid basis to which your dentures can connect.


How can I learn more? 

So are anchored dentures right for you? Maybe! There’s one way to find out: Contact NuSet Dental Implants and Oral Surgery today. Whether you are in Arvada or Denver, Colorado, our professionals are happy to answer your questions and set up your free consultation. Let’s create a custom treatment plan together.

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