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Customized to your Individual, Medical and Financial Situation

At NuSet, we offer a variety of treatment plans so that we can customize the one that is most appropriate for your individual, medical and financial situation.

Since many other clinics perform just one treatment option, their doctors, generally, can only offer one type of procedure and that may not be the right one for you.

Unlike other clinics that may try to convince you or sell you a procedure that is not appropriate for your needs, we want to explore which treatment plan is best for you. That is why we offer you options.

We Give You a Real Choice!

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NuSet Dental Implant Solutions

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The NuSet Advantage

All of our treatments provide you a new smile and teeth which are supported by implants using modern dental technology. This not only delivers you the procedure that is customized to your personal situation, but it also lowers the costs from older technology still used by some clinics. After it has been determined that you are a candidate for implants, the doctor will help you make the right choice for you among three primary treatments:

1 | Full mouth implant

Some dental implant centers say that they can deliver your new smile in just one day. What they don’t tell you is that you often do not receive your final teeth for up to a year. At NuSet Dental Implant Centers, our new technology delivers your smile in one day and your permanent teeth in less than half the time and at a more affordable price. The teeth are permanently attached to the implants and can only be removed by a doctor. It has an open palate which allows you to taste food better.

At NuSet, we place four per Arch called “All-on-4”. That makes your teeth even stronger and more stable. This treatment is called “immediate load” or fixed the day of the procedure so you walk out the same day with a new set of teeth attached to the implants. After the healing process, the temporary teeth are replaced with Fixed Teeth which are more durable and more natural-looking. NuSet Dental Implant Centers delivers your permanent teeth in less than half the time and at a more affordable price than some other clinics that claim a one-day approach.

2 | Implant Supported Denture

This treatment has 4 implants per arch which is the standard of care with removable dental implant-supported dentures. The implant-supported denture can be detached at any time from the implants for cleaning and easily snapped back into place. It is still very strong and allows you to eat any foods you want. The primary advantage of the removable option is that it is much more affordable than fixed options and has other oral hygiene benefits because you can clean it anytime you want.

NuSet Dental Implant Centers delivers your permanent teeth in less than half the time and at a more affordable price than some other clinics.

Single Tooth & Multiple Teeth Replacement

In addition to the full-mouth restoration options, NuSet also performs dental implant procedures for those who only need a single tooth or multiple teeth restored. Patients sometimes use their personal dentist for these treatments but that typically requires some of the work done by other doctors in multiple dental offices for work such as extractions, placing the implant and the tooth restoration. However, the benefit to you of coming to NuSet, is that all of that work is done in one location by the same doctor and clinical team. And one fixed price instead of bills from multiple providers.

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