The Advantages of NuSet


At NuSet, we offer a variety of treatment plans, so we can customize the one that is most appropriate for your individual medical and financial situation. Since other clinics perform just one treatment option, their doctors generally can only offer one type of procedure, and that may not be the right one for you. At NuSet, we explore which treatment plan is best for you. That is why we specialize on and offer you options. We give you a real choice!


Recent advances in dental technology have brought down the cost of dental implants and made these procedures affordable for most people. While some clinics continue to charge higher prices to support their more expensive corporate structures, NuSet is passing on the savings to our patients by using the latest in technology. Additionally, NuSet offers financing options that can fit your personal financial situation and budget.


When you have your procedure done at NuSet, you are in the hands of highly experienced doctors. The doctors work as a team with other professionals in the same office such as the lab technician to deliver you a quality outcome, a life-changing smile and personalized care. Nuset uses anesthesiologists and prosthodontist, so the surgeons can focus on you in surgery. Additionally, NuSet uses high quality products and materials for your procedure including titanium dental implants from the leading providers in the industry.

One Location

At NuSet, your entire procedure is done in one location. Starting with your consultation to your comprehensive exam to the actual procedure and lab work; it is all performed in the same office. Some clinics send patients to other places to have some of their work completed, but at NuSet, you can enjoy the convenience of having it all done in the same location.

One Fixed Price

Since the entire treatment is done in one location by the doctors and clinical team at NuSet, you will receive one fixed price for the entire procedure and follow-up care. There will be no surprises or hidden fees.

Caring Environment

When you choose to have dental implants, we know you are taking a big step in your life, and we will be there with you every step of the way. In addition to providing you choice, quality, one location, one fixed price and affordable options, you will have a full team of professionals that truly cares about you. We will help you through every stage of the process, so that you can have a smile that will give you more confidence, happiness and a better quality of life.

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At NuSet you will receive one fixed price for the entire procedure and follow-up care. There will be no surprises or hidden fees.