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Make Dental Implants Your First Choice

While all our dental services can give you the smile you’ve always wanted and restore your self-confidence, they’re customized to you to fit your needs, facial structure, and skin tone. We offer our patients a variety of choices in their treatment plans, and we ensure our implants are affordable, high-quality, and comfortable. With all our implant services under one roof, we make the journey of our patients to smile transformation as easy as possible. Using our state-of-the-art technology and the expertise of Dr. Ryan, our board-certified oral surgeon, we’ll personalize your new smile with one of our four primary treatments. In addition to our full mouth restorations, we also provide dental implant procedures for those who only need a single tooth or multiple teeth restored. We’ll create a new tooth or multiple teeth that matches the rest of your smile and face shape to ensure natural-looking results.

Using our All-on-4 approach as a high-quality standard of care, we can also create removable dental implant supported dentures in our office. If a permanently attached set of teeth isn’t appropriate for you, Dr. Ryan’s treatment plan allows for your implant supported dentures to be detached at any time for cleaning and can easily snap back into place. These dentures are strong and functional while allowing you to still enjoy the foods you want and daily conversations without any pain or discomfort. As another treatment option, overdentures are an artificial set of teeth that are attached to dental implants embedded in your mouth and remain firmly in place to function as real teeth. These innovative advancements make it possible to receive a beautiful set of natural-looking teeth that restore your self-confidence at an affordable price.

Top 5 Mistakes People Make with Dental Implants

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Our Patients Have Access to the Best Dental Implant Options Available

Our full mouth dental implant treatment uses our All-on-4® process to create a full set of beautiful, functional new teeth in just one visit to our office! With our expertise, we can help you experience a life of health, functionality, and confidence with dental implants today. Often referred to as our “immediate load” treatment, this plan allows us to design brand-new Nano-ceramic® teeth that are durable and natural-looking and can attach to your dental implants the same day.

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Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants?

The NuSet Full Arch Process

Step 1: Personalized Consultation

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Once being welcomed in by our friendly office staff and receiving a full office tour, you’ll meet with our patient consultant to discuss your oral concerns. We’ll then take your complimentary dental x-rays and 3D CT scan to evaluate your teeth. After this, you’ll meet with Dr. Ryan to create your personalized treatment plan to restore your smile. After your consultation, we’ll set a convenient appointment date for you to receive your dental implant surgery Dr. Ryan will go over the procedure with you once more and answer any last-minute questions you may have before we begin.

Step 2: The Day of Your Smile Transformation

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To ensure your comfortability and safety, we’ll administer sedation and begin placing your dental implants in their appropriate position. Once your implants are placed, Dr. Ryan will close the area with sutures and put your temporary teeth in place, so you leave same day with a new set of teeth. Your final prosthesis will be hand-crafted by a skilled lab technician to ensure a lasting fit.

Step 3: Follow-up appointment

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During your healing time from 3-6 months, you’ll come in for a follow-up appointment so we can see how your implants are integrating to your mouth. You’ll meet with Dr. Ryan to discuss how your healing process is going and he can answer any questions you may have about the implants as well as check to ensure your sutures are healing appropriately. Upon completing your appointment, we’ll provide you with a timeline of when to come back for your final restorations.

Step 4: Your Final Restorations for Life

We’ll check to ensure all sutures are healed and your implants have fully integrated into your jaw and attach your final restoration! We’ll provide you with general care recommendations and answer any questions you may have. After your appointment, it’s important that you maintain your aftercare with us at Nuset Dental Implant and Oral Surgery to ensure lasting results of your new set of teeth!

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