Common Questions

Knowledge is Power

We understand how difficult it can be navigating what to do. At NuSet, we are here for you and will guide you throughout the process to answer questions and make sure you feel comfortable with the options available and your final choice. The more you know, the better decision you can make and the sooner you can move forward and change your life!

Q: Will I be in pain?

Your comfort is one of our primary goals. Our clinical team works with you to determine the appropriate pain management options before your procedure. NuSet patients often describe their recovery as smooth with possibly mild discomfort.

Q: Am I a candidate if my dental condition is severe?

At NuSet, we see and treat many different varieties of patients who have varying stages of dental issues. We have seen very severe cases and have successfully treated those individuals.

Our team has the expertise to treat more difficult cases. We recommend you come in for your free consultation, and, with our advanced diagnostics, we can quickly determine if you are a candidate.

Q: Are my teeth going to look natural?

Dental implant treatments provide patients the best option for the most natural looking teeth. You will maintain your smile just like you’ve always done so in most cases. Our patients get an opportunity to choose the aesthetics of their new smile with our lab technicians to custom create a natural look.

Q: What does the recovery period look like?

Our patients often say that their recovery was easier than they thought it would be. However, every patient will heal differently. You will return to our office for a post-procedure appointment where we can assess how you are doing. We advise a softer diet with only foods you can cut with a fork after your procedure. Within a few weeks, you’ll be able to eat more solid foods.

Q: I am concerned about the cost.

We understand that you are cost conscious. At NuSet, we offer a choice of solutions designed to help you find the right option that will fit your budget. We work with third-party lenders to offer payment plans that can be tailored to you and your needs. You’ll spend time during your consultation being educated on the financing options. We’ll work with you, so you can enjoy this life-changing procedure.

Q: Can I bring someone?

Yes. We recommend that you bring a family member or a friend with you to the consultation. Having another set of ears is helpful so that you remember all of the great information that you learned.

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full mouth dental implant recovery time
Dental implant treatments provide patients the best option for the most natural looking teeth.

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