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If you have or need dentures, you may have already heard of the All On 4® Treatment Concept. It is a minimally invasive and safe procedure that will replace and restore your teeth the same day, without the preparatory steps of a bone graft. We take your already existing denture or a denture that we create for you, and surgically retain it with four dental implants. The difference will be significant. Our staff at NuSet Dental Implants and Oral Surgery in Denver can show you how this system can dramatically increase your look, comfort, and long-term oral health with the All on 4® Treatment Concept. Dr. Ryan is happy to examine your needs and help you design a treatment plan that is right for your situation.

What is the All On 4® Treatment Concept?

The All On 4® Treatment Concept takes dentures and surgically inserts them with four titanium posts. Once healed, your denture is fixed permanently in your mouth. You will be able to chew and speak with confidence because your teeth will not shift, come loose, or fall out. The problems and embarrassment that comes with traditional dentures are eliminated:

  • The dentures are not shifting, so there are no sore spots.
  • The dentures are not held in with adhesives, so they will never come loose
  • The dentures do not cover the roof of your mouth, so you can still taste foods as you once did.
  • The dentures are stabilized in your mouth, so you never remove them while sleeping.

The All On 4® Treatment Concept Procedure

Treatment plans are customized so that the procedure can vary based on your needs. We will take steps in considering your oral health and overall health. If the patient suffers from a medical condition that impacts their ability to heal, we may need to work with your doctor to increase your healing ability. Once ready, the surgical procedure is a quick process.

Dr. Ryan will take your denture and fix it permanently to your jaw with four dental implants. The implants used for All On 4® Treatment Concept are different than the standard implants, they are longer, and are placed at an angle allowing us to reach the denser bone. Dr. Ryan will begin by first making sure that the client is comfortable with the appropriate amount of anesthesia. They will then open the soft tissue, exposing the bone. Using a specialized drill, they will open a small space in bone tissue, just enough for placing the implant. The implant, or post, is a titanium metal rod. We use titanium because it is strong, durable, and most importantly, biocompatible. The allows for two important aspects of this surgery, first of all, it will not be rejected, and secondly, your body will heal around and with the rod, integrating it into the bone, so that once healed, the implant and bone are fused together, allowing for a superior hold.

Once the implant is placed, Dr. Ryan will close the area with sutures. The patient may feel some discomfort that day, and possibly for the next couple of days, but the discomfort is not severe. Most patients resume their regular daily activities within a couple of days. The healing time for the implant can take a few months, so the patient will be advised to eat soft foods, and with care, for several weeks following surgery.

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Teeth in a Day: Regain Your Full Smile

Dentures, though functional, have never been noted for their comfort. We can vastly improve your comfort, and your look, by surgically retaining your dentures. Regaining your smile will increase your confidence, helping you in your social and professional life. Dr. Ryan can show you the difference, and how implant retained dentures can rebuild your facial structure, improving your smile, while allowing you to eat the foods you once loved. Our team at NuSet Dental Implants and Oral Surgery will examine and create a treatment plan with you in mind. Using the All On 4® Treatment Concept, we can redesign your smile after a patient no longer has any healthy teeth remaining. You do not have to deal with loose dentures, or the hollowed look that traditional dentures give, you can have a smile to be proud of, and we can help.

Benefits of Dental Implants

How Can The All On 4® Treatment Concept Help Me Regain My Smile?

When a person loses a tooth, there is the gradual reaction of losing bone. Your bone is a living tissue, and like all areas of your body, it requires the stimulation of movement and motion to stay healthy. When a tooth is lost, so is the needed stimulation that keeps it healthy. With the stimulation gone, the bone reacts by pulling in its resources and shrinking in that spot. The bone mass is depleted. This may not be very noticeable with the loss of one tooth, but after a person loses many or all of their teeth, the effects are clear. People who need or wear dentures show signs of it with the shape of their face. This look has become so known, that we now associate it with the facial structure of an older person, and so when a person has this sunken facial structure, we assume them to be older. Dr. Ryan can help rebuild your facial structure, and give you a more youthful appearance, by placing the four posts with the All On 4® Treatment Concept system. These four posts will provide your bone with four spots of stimulation to the bone, and give you a solid structure of false teeth to fill out your smile, removing the sunken look of missing teeth.

Is The All On 4® Treatment Concept Done in One Day?

Yes! This system, unlike other implant procedures, does not require the preparatory step of a bone graft. This means that we can place your implant retained denture faster, and for immediate use. After creating a treatment plan with Dr. Ryan, you will then be able to walk into our office with no teeth, or no healthy teeth, remaining, and leave with a mouthful of teeth that are ready for immediate use, even if you have already been wearing dentures for years. Dr. Ryan can help you have the function that you once had, and fill out your smile, giving you a more youthful, and confident look. Our staff at NuSet Dental Implants and Oral Surgery would love to show you the difference dental implants can make.

Teeth in a Day: Ready for Immediate Use

There are many dental implant procedures that can take months of preparatory steps and healing before the patient has functional teeth, but the All On 4® Treatment Concept is not one of them. We can give a patient who has no teeth, or no healthy teeth, even a patient who has been wearing dentures for years, implant retained dentures, that they can eat with, in one day. Our staff at NuSet Dental Implants and Oral Surgery are excited to not only give our patients the basics in functional teeth but to give our patients teeth that they can feel confidant in. Dr. Ryan will answer your questions and walk you through the process. With the All On 4® Treatment Concept, you can be eating and talking with confidence faster than you think.

How Does All On 4® Treatment Concept Work?

Dental Implants Colorado The All On 4® Treatment Concept takes your dentures, either dentures that you already own, or dentures that we create for you, and surgically retains them to your jawbone with four dental implants. The four implants are titanium metal posts, they are strong and will remain firmly in place once healed. They will never shift, rock, or come loose. This makes your dentures more like your natural teeth, both in function and feel.

The surgical procedure is a bit different from other implant procedures; we set the implant deeper. By placing the implant into more dense bone mass, it allows patients who have lost bone density to still be candidates for the All On 4® Treatment Concept without a bone graft. This means less preparatory work, and less time for the work to be completed. In fact, the All On 4® Treatment Concept procedure is done in one day.

What to Expect After Placement

Following the placement of your implant-retained dentures, you will need a few days to feel normal again. We will offer pain relief in prescription or recommend over-the-counter medication based on your pain relief needs and medications you are taking. Most patients find that they can return to work and do regular activities within a few days. Eating and chewing food will come slowly. Patients will need to only soft foods in the beginning and gradually add progressively less soft foods over the next few weeks. The healing process can be long. The soft tissue will heal quickly, but bone healing can take months. As the bone heals, it will heal around the implant, incorporating it in and making the titanium implant part of its structure. Once healed, the implant is a permanent part of the bone, meaning it is firm. The patient will need to use caution when chewing and eating not to move or shift their dentures excessively so that proper healing can occur.

After about three months, patients can feel confident in resuming eating the foods they once loved. Their dentures will never come loose. As you continue to use, your new implant-retained dentures will feel more and more like the teeth you once had. Our patients find their confidence increases in knowing they have secure, functional teeth. We are confident that you will be happier.

NOTE: This information does not represent the medical advice of our dental office, always refer to your personalized information given to you by Dr. Ryan or contact us for dental advice.

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