What Patients are Saying

Real Patient Stories


Faina works in the medical industry and is in front of people all day. She felt bad promoting good health when her teeth were failing. She had a friend who referred her to NuSet. Faina says her husband told her she needed to invest in herself for once. They are both glad she did. She says she feels sexier with her new smile.

Treatment: Dental Implant Restoration


Matt has loved sports his whole life. He plays hard and rough and it took a toll on his teeth. Matt searched around for a Center that offered more than one dental implant choice. NuSet gave him three different options, and Matt picked the one that would be best for him personally but also that would hold up to his jujitsu passion. Matt and his family love his NuSet smile.

Treatment: Dental Implant Full-Mouth Restoration


Jim came to NuSet convinced that he wanted a traditional denture. The team at NuSet discussed dental implants but Jim wanted the unsecured denture. Shortly after, he started experiencing all the negative side effects that he had learned about at his free consultation. Jim came back in to NuSet and the team gave Jim a secure dental implant supported smile. He couldn’t be happier with his new stable teeth.

Treatment: Dental Implant Full-Mouth Restoration


Michelle had lived with traditional dentures for a few years. She had recently gotten married and didn’t want to deal with the embarrassment of conventional dentures. As it turns out, she and her husband both needed NuSet new smiles. Within a few months of each other, both had their surgeries and are now enjoying their new beautiful, secure smiles. Since NuSet, the Vanvorst’s have made it a quest to get healthier together.

Treatment: Dental Implant Full-Mouth Restoration


Anthony hadn’t seem himself smile a real smile in years. He works with the public and needed to feel confident. He knew dental implants were the only option for him, but he doesn’t make a lot of money. Anthony was happy with the price and the high quality that the NuSet solutions offered. He says it has improved his work life and his intimacy with his girlfriend.

Treatment: Dental Implant Full-Mouth Restoration

Mary Jane

Mary Jane just needed a few single dental implants. She wanted a Center that focuses on dental implant treatment. Mary Jane says the NuSet Center made her feel comfortable. She was so pleased with the one-on-one time she got with the team even with just a single implant solution. She says she can’t even tell the difference between the implants and her natural teeth.

Treatment: Single Implants

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