New Affordable Tooth Implant Options

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What new, affordable tooth implant options are available?

NuSet Offers a Free CT Scan and Consultation

If you are suffering with tooth pain, not knowing whether you should save or replace a tooth can be very frustrating. Unfortunately, after spending thousands of dollars, many people realize they were going to lose the tooth anyway.

Don’t throw money away! Instead, get a free CT scan and consultation with NuSet’s experienced doctors. One of the many things that will be assessed in this appointment is whether or not you have enough bone for dental implants. At NuSet, you’ll get all the information you need to make an informed decision. Whatever your path forward looks like, with NuSet it will be a path paved with confidence.

Affordable Tooth Implant Process

Each dental implant solution consists of three parts:

      1. The dental implant, which is essentially a titanium screw
      2. An abutment that sits on top of the dental implant
      3. The crown or visible white part of the tooth

First, the dentist extracts the failing tooth and any remaining roots. Once the gum tissue has healed, the implant is surgically placed. After waiting 3 to 4 months for the implant to integrate with the bone, the dentist can then attach the abutment and the crown that was fabricated to look like your natural tooth. In the meantime, NuSet will provide you with a temporary tooth to wear. Many patients remark that their dental implant procedure didn’t feel like surgery at all!

NuSet performs each single implant procedure for $3,000 which includes the implant, the abutment, and the crown. The entire procedure will be done at one location, using high quality implants and other components manufactured in the United States. If you have several teeth that need to be replaced, NuSet can design a custom dental implant-supported bridge. A common bridge configuration is 3 new teeth set on 2 dental implants.

New technology has made dental implants less invasive and more affordable. In fact, patients who have shopped around are impressed with NuSet’s fair prices. Now is the time to fill the gap in your smile! Schedule a free consultation at NuSet Dental Implants and Oral Surgery today.

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