Full Mouth Dental Implant Recovery

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What is the full mouth dental implant recovery time?  The answer depends on a few variables, but is rooted in the question of which procedure is right for you, your unique medical situation, and goals. Perhaps, by considering the different procedures and their recovery processes, the way will be made clear.

Immediate Implant Procedure and Recovery

The first and most expensive procedure is what is often called the All-on-4. Many clinics heavily advertise and promote this approach which includes the immediate load of dentures on four posts. They claim everything can be done in one day and that you will walk out with a new set of teeth.

While there is some truth to this, it is conveniently left out that it won’t be possible to eat solid food for at least a few months after this procedure. After all, the implants have not yet healed and fused to the bone. The All-on-Four approach also requires a significant amount of bone plane, which means that the doctor needs to trim the bone under the gum to level and make room for the prosthetic teeth. Since this is quite invasive, it also contributes to the time needed for your mouth to heal.

It is only after your mouth heals and the implants have fused to the bone that you will truly be ready for your permanent set of teeth. In some cases, this could take as little as 4 months but typically it takes 6-8 months. In fact, some patients report that it took up to a year for their mouths to be ready for permanent teeth.

Fixed Implant Procedure and Recovery

There is an alternative to the immediate load All-on-4, and it combines the best of worlds. Indeed, a fixed implant procedure highlights the permanent nature of the dental implants, while utilizing temporary dentures during the healing period.

This gives their mouth as little as 4 months (though sometimes 6-8 months) to heal, before permanent teeth are affixed. This not only provides a better (albeit shorter) opportunity for your mouth to heal, it is less expensive than the generic All-on-4 method.

Removable Implant Procedure and Recovery

A third approach is a removable implant, which connects to posts that have been placed in your jaw. The recovery time for this procedure is generally 4-6 months. Similar to the previous approach, it also requires wearing temporary denture for 3-6 months. Once again, this procedure allows for the implants heal and fuse to the bone, so the prosthetic teeth can be attached.

However, is that in this treatment plan, the new teeth actually snap on and off the implants. Some folks prefer this approach because they are free to snap-out and clean their dental implants with ease, without worry that they will pop out unexpectedly.

Other Variables Affecting Recovery Time

While it is interesting to consider the different options, the reality is the right option is the one that fits your unique medical situation. For example, you might need a tooth extracted. Here, the doctor has the choice of waiting for 3-6 months before placing the implant after the extraction(s), or in certain cases, he or she may be able to place implants in-between extractions. This will result in an accelerated timeline that quickens the whole process. While in some scenarios, the patient is ready to have all of their teeth replaced, others cannot move forward so quickly.

Customized Full Mouth Dental Implant Recovery Time

At NuSet Dental Implant Centers, we perform all three of these procedures. You won’t be limited by our expertise, but proof of it. Our patient consultants and doctors will be happy to discuss these and other options with you. You’ll find out exactly what the full mouth dental implant recovery time will be, customized for your situation. Call or email today to schedule a free consultation at NuSet Dental Implant Centers.

Picture of Dr. Robert Cory Ryan, DDS, MD
Dr. Robert Cory Ryan, DDS, MD

Dr. Cory Ryan is a Gulf Coast of Mississippi native. As a dual-degree oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Ryan provides exceptional dental care, specializing in dental implants and oral surgery here at NuSet Dental Implants and Oral Surgery that he acquired in 2021. Dr. Ryan remains at the forefront of his field by offering the latest procedures and technologies to every patient. His extensive education is matched by his commitment to serving not only the needs of every patient, but exceeding their expectations by improving their oral health, self-confidence, and quality of life with proven results every time.

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